Colonel Jonathan P. Brazee, USMC (Ret)

Nebula and Dragon Award Finalist, USA Today Bestselling Author

return of the marines 


The Return of the Marines Trilogy is a series of three stories set in the near future.  All three books are connected and have some of the same characters, but each one stands independently as well.  While there is the action expected of military fiction, each one tries to examine just what it means to be a United States Marine.

All three books have made it to on several bestseller lists, reaching Number 1 in War Fiction and in the Top 20 in Action and Adventure Fiction.

Marines:  The Few   THE FEW

Gunnery Sergeant Jacob McCardle is the commander of the Marine Detachment at the US Embassy, New Delhi, when the president of the United States arrives on an official visit, the same man who, as a Congressman, sponsored the bill that had decimated the Corps in a cost-cutting effort. As the president arrives, the embassy is attacked and isolated by a mob of nationalists. With the Indian government seemingly unwilling to take action to restore order and with an ambitious vice-president seizing this as an opportunity to move up to the White House, it is up to Gunny McCardle and his small band of Marines to keep the president alive. Faced with tremendous odds, Gunny has to lead his Marines in an almost impossible task. That is nothing new to the US Marines. Impossible tasks are the Corps' forte. But can his small detachment keep up the tradition of the Corps and succeed despite tremendous odds?

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After the events at the US Embassy in New Delhi, the Marines are being brought back as a combat unit. Newly commissioned 2dLt Anthony Niimoto, a hero of the embassy takeover, is with the first Marine battalion to get back into the deployment cycle. Assigned to anti-piracy, this is supposed to be a dull deployment. But when a US ship is seized by Somali pirates, it's First Platoon, K 3/6 at the tip of the spear. With SSgt Davidson, an ex-Ranger who returns to his Marines roots, the two of them must lead their platoon into harms way, ever conscious of Black Hawk Down, the Battle of Mogadishu. 

Was Tony Niimoto a one-shot wonder in New Delhi, or does he really have what it takes to be a leader of Marines? 

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USMC:  The Marines   THE MARINES

China is growing in power and in need of raw materials. When an aggressive general, with encouragement from an unnamed puppet master in the Politburo, moves to seize the Spratly Islands from The Philippines and Taiwan, the Marines of the 15th MEU are the only unit in position to do anything about it. What makes things more difficult is that the Chinese have made great strides in cyber-warfare that have negated America's technological superiority. What will be the result of years of letting China manufacture electronic components and even parts for the US aircraft, satellites, and communications systems?

"Every Marine is a rifleman" has never been more true when the ultimate weapon in the nation's arsenal is the basic infantryman. But can Captain Tony Niimoto, a hero of both the embassy takeover in New Delhi and the hostage rescue in Somalia, lead his company against an overwhelming force of the finest of the People's Liberation Army? Can Sergeant Harrington Steptoe, Sergeant "Jay" McNamara, and First Lieutenant Peter Van Slyke step up into the mantle of leadership when all the odds are against them?

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All three books in The Return of the Marines are offered in the omnibus version.

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The Al Anbar Chronicles: First Marine Expeditionary Force--Iraq


Cpl Nicholas Xenakis made two tours to Iraq as a grunt, something he was born to do. When his wife gave him the “me or the Corps” ultimatum, he chose her, but not before he joined the local reserve battery for one last pump. The battery was assigned as a provisional MP company with the mission of convoy duty, something Nick figured would not be as exciting as his grunt tours, but at least he was back in the fight.

Convoys from Fallujah to Ramadi and the Green Zone, however, gave him his adrenaline rush and a view of the war he hadn’t had before. But when his convoy was hit in Fallujah, Nick faced the most life-threatening and dangerous situation a Marine in Iraq could face, and he would have to face it alone. 

Warning: Prisoner of Fallujah contains some vulgar language and some extremely graphic and disturbing descriptions of torture and violence. Some of the views expressed by characters in the book are not “politically correct” and do not necessarily reflect the views of the author or follow Marine Corps policy.

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combat corpsman COMBAT CORPSMAN

Zachary Cannon joined the Navy to get trained as a radiology tech, a skill he could use to get a job and support his family after his enlistment. But the needs of the Navy take priority, and much to his surprise, he was given orders to the Fleet Marine Force as a corpsman to an infantry battalion deploying to Iraq.

As part of a rifle squad in Ramadi, Zach joins the Marines on patrol, in assaults, and on security duty, facing the same dangers and hardships. Ramadi is a hotbed of insurgent activity in 2006, and Zach’s medical skills are put to the test as he witnesses death and injuries. Faced with snipers, full insurgent attacks, IEDs, rockets and mortars, and the never-ending heat, he cannot be a simple observer, there to treat his Marines. Navy or not, he quickly realizes that he is expected to be a full member of his squad, a combat corpsman.

(Over three months on Amazon's War Top 100 List)

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Noah Lindt heard the call of duty after the tragic events of 9/11. Despite a hampering medical condition that kept him on the outskirts of his high school class, he was accepted into the Marines where he found out he had a singular skill. He could outshoot almost anyone. 

Marksmanship alone is not enough to be a successful scout sniper. Teamwork and mental discipline are paramount, and the self-professed loner has problems adjusting to his spotter as well as the rest of his platoon when they deploy to Ramadi, “the most dangerous city on earth.” 

As a HOG, a “Hunter of Gunmen,” Corporal Lindt has to break through his personal barriers and become not only a marksman, but an NCO of Marines if his team will make it through numerous engagements with an enemy who has put a bounty on all American snipers. 

(Over three months on Amazon's War Top 100 List)

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All three books in The Al Anbar Chronicles are offered as a one-book trilogy.

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The books of the United Federation Marine Corps are Amazon best-sellers, with all seven books breaking the Top 20 for Science Fiction and Top Five for Space Marines.  Recruit reached #11 for scfi, #1 for Space Marines, and #2 for War and Military. 
usmc scifi marines  Recruit

Desperate to escape a life of poverty on his desolate home planet, Ryck Lysander enlists in the United Federation Marine Corps, hoping to make a better future for himself. However, Ryck soon discovers that the Corps is more than a means of escaping his former life as he is pushed beyond the very limits of his strength and willpower. 

From bootcamp brawls to skirmishes with galactic pirates, Ryck's new life presents him with unimaginable adventures and forces him to prove his mettle as he forges his new identity and fights to earn his place as one of the Brotherhood of Marines. 

(Three weeks as #1 on Amazon's Scifi Space Marines Top 100 list and top 10 in the War Top 100 List.)

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Ryck Lysander has proven himself as a Marine, as a warrior. As he is promoted to sergeant, though, his responsibilities expand beyond merely fighting to leading other Marines into battle. 

When an old ally becomes a new enemy, one well-equipped and trained, Ryck is pushed to his very limits as he tries to keep his Marines alive while fulfilling his mission of defeating the enemy on the field of battle. 

Faced with extraordinary challenges and grueling missions, Ryck discovers love, loss, brotherhood, and dogged inner strength as he learns what it means to be a sergeant in the United Federation Marine Corps. 

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As a certified Federation “hero,” Sergeant Ryck Lysander is offered a commission as a second lieutenant. Only, he doesn’t feel like a hero, and his tendency to jump into a fight himself is at odds with his mission as a junior office. Accepting his commission might have been a big mistake. 

When contact with an alien species is finally made, that contact is not peaceful, and Ryck is thrust back into combat, combat that does not end well and plunges Ryck into an emotional crisis. Thrown the lifeline of transferring to Marine Reconnaissance, where he is back to being a fighter and not responsible for as many subordinates, this is Ryck’s last chance to determine if he has what it takes to be a leader of Marines. 

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As a captain, Ryck Lysander is given one of the most sought-after billets in the Marines: an infantry company commander. His new battalion commanding officer, however, is not impressed with Ryck's past accomplishments, and Ryck finds himself struggling to fulfill the CO's expectations. Used to his "hero" status within the Corps, his new position of having to prove himself grates on him. Now, as his company marches to the sound of gunfire, Ryck must find it within himself to be an effective combat commander.

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A Marine major is one of the orphan ranks, too senior to command a line company, but too junior to command a battalion. Newly promoted to major, Ryck reports for duty as the assistant naval attaché to the Confederation of Free States, the same government whose troops he’d recently fought in the Telchines. Ryck wasn’t happy about the assignment, but he buckled down for a long and boring tour of duty. But action seems to follow Ryck, and this is no exception. From the diplomatic post on New Mumbai to leading one of the newly formed Raider special ops companies, Ryck continues his eventful career as a United Federation Marine.

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  Lieutenant Colonel

As a lieutenant colonel, Ryck is given command of the Second Battalion, Third Marines, the Fuzos. Along with one other battalion, 2/3 is designated as a new assault battalion, with its own armor, artillery, and air assets. With the Marine Corps anxious to certify the resurfaced concept of integrated operations units, the battalion is thrown right into the fire.

With his new command, Ryck has the opportunity to prove his ability to be a true combat leader and not just as a warrior. But with that opportunity comes the risk that he cannot handle the manager aspect of command: the logistics, training, maintenance, admin, and support aspects that allow every unit to maximize its combat potential.

As a sergeant and junior office, Ryck has ordered men to their death before, but with a battalion, he has to make even harder decisions with even greater reach, decisions that will mean life and death to those affected. A proven fighting Marine, Ryck still has to master every requirement of command—the tactical and the support—if he is going to keep his career alive in the Corps.

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Ryck has proven himself as a warrior, a fighter, and sometimes, in a peacetime Corps, that can get a Marine into trouble. Ryck’s temper gets the best of him, and because of that and with a heavy heart, he resigns his commission.

As an old enemy comes a-calling, a new threat surfaces, and Ryck’s services are once again needed. Given a second chance, Ryck answers the call, determined to make good. This new threat, however, might be insurmountable, especially when Ryck has to deal with a personal crisis that could overcome him.

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Rebel is set in the same universe as the United Federation Marine Corps series, and while the Marines make an appearance, this book is not about Ryck Lysander or the Corps. 

Michiko MacCailín is a member of the First Families, more concerned with her privileged lifestyle of ballet, spending time with friends, and planning her wedding than of the injustices suffered by the indentured workers of the all-powerful Propitious Interstellar Fabrication, Inc., the charter holder of the planet. When her activist fiancé is murdered at a protest rally, she blames the company and embarks on a personal mission of vengeance. 

Michi has some initial, if minor success, but when the company requests that the Federation send in the Marine Corps to quell the unrest, the stakes immediately get higher. Undeterred, Michi is willing to take on the Marines if that is what it takes to achieve her revenge. 

WARNING: This book contains some graphic violence that may not be suitable for all readers. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Rebel is set in the same universe as the first three books in The United Federation Marine Corps series, and a few of the characters in those three books make brief appearances in this one. However, this is a decidedly different book, examining what it might be like on the other side of a Federation Marine deployment. The battle scenes are limited, and the violence is much more visceral and personal. This is a darker, deeper book and not your typical “Space Marine” story. 

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The First three books of the United Federation Marine Corps are offered as a one-book Ryck Lysander Trilogy.

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The First Barbary War (1801-1805), or “America’s First War on Terror,” as some refer to it, was a pivotal moment in US history. While both the Navy and Marines participated in the Quasi-War with France, it was the war with the Barbary pirates that cemented both the Marine Corps and the Navy as the proud organizations that they are today. This was the war that produced heroes such as O’Bannon, Decatur, Preble, Porter, Hull, and Somers.

To the Shores of Tripoli follows three fictional Marine privates as they participate in the watershed moments in the war. Private Seth Crocker is an uneducated, underage Marine who fights from the tops of the USS Enterprise and in battles such as the Gunboat Battle off the coast of Tripoli. Private Ichabod Cone, a veteran of the Revolution, is part of the crew of the USS Philadelphia when it is captured and spends most of the war as a slave of the pasha. Private Jacob Brissey is one of the seven Marines, under Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon, who march 600 miles across the desert against tremendous odds to attack and capture the city of Derne, where, for the first time in history, the US flag is raised over foreign soil.

This book is historical fiction, but the events it describes are historical fact. Most of the characters actually existed and fought in the war. Where possible, their actual words are reproduced here. In all other cases, dialogue and characterizations were born in the author’s imagination.

The First Barbary War is considered the birth of the US Navy. It is equally valid to say that the war created the foundation for the Marine Corps as we know it today.

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werewolf, usmc  Werewolf of Marines:  Semper Lycanus

Private First Class Aiden
Kaas has enlisted in the Marines for all the wrong reasons. Now deployed to Iraq at the age of 19, he just wants to put in his time and serve out his enlistment. However, after being bitten by a seemingly rabid mujahideen, he finds himself suffering from a strange illness, one with consequences beyond his wildest imaginings. As the disease ravages his body and exposes him to dangers far darker than active combat, Aiden discovers what it means to come of age, and how he must come to grips with what it is he has become… 

WARNING: This book contains scenes of extreme violence and one scene of explicit sexual content.

(Over two months on Amazon's Top 100 List in both War and Occult genres.)

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usmc werewolf  Werewolf of Marines:  Patria Lycanus

Cpl Aiden Kaas is an unsanctioned werewolf, turned without the Lycan Council’s approval. While the Council ponders what to do with him, he is warned not to shift and to keep the very fact that werewolves exist a secret. 

However, Aiden is a Marine assigned to a Marine Special Operations Team in eastern Afghanistan, and if there is a threat to his team, he will do anything, to include shifting to his werewolf form, to protect them. 

With a faction of the Council wanting his extermination, his own government trying to discover just what he is and how it can use him, and a rogue werewolf warlord trying to protect his smuggling routes through the Hindu Kush, Aiden has to navigate a tricky minefield to both keep the secret and to merely stay alive. 

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  Werewolf of Marines:  Pax Lycanus

Corporal Aiden Kaas is just like any other Marine—except for the minor matter that he is a werewolf, one unsanctioned by the Lycan Council. Factions of the Council want him exterminated as a threat to the Tribe, and the military has tracked him down and wants to use him as a super-warrior, something that the Council cannot accept.

When Colonel Jack Tarnition infects himself with Aiden’s blood to become a werewolf in his own right, things start spiraling out of control, and with his mentor Hozan’s assistance, Aiden has to navigate the threat to himself, his fiancé and new-found love Corporal Claire Record, and Army Major Keenan Ward. The four werewolves have only each other to face two powerful forces, forces with diametrically opposed viewpoints that will lead to an inevitable clash of wills.

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About the Author

Jonathan P. Brazee graduated from the US Naval Academy and served 30 years in the Marines as a commander of infantry, recon, MSSG, and air delivery units as well as various staff billets. He served with the 3d CAG as the military liaison to USAID in Iraq in 2006 and retired as a colonel in 2009.  He is a life member of the Disabled American Veterans, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the U. S. Naval Academy Alumni Association, and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.  He is a two-time Nebula Award Finalist, a Dragon Award Finalist, and a USA Today Bestselling writer.


Other books by the Jonathan Brazee:


This season's contestants for the reality show, Darwin's Quest, the Search for the Ultimate Survivor, feel very fortunate to have been selected for the competition. As with other shows, the contestants battle extreme dangers which end up killing them--but they are revived and face the viewer's votes to re-enter the game. All seems to be going well when an unexplained disaster leaves them stranded. No more medical reviving. No more support. The dangers they face go beyond entertainment and become a real life-and-death struggle.

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Wererat   WERERAT

Rafe comes from a long line of shifters. His father is a werewolf, and his mother is a weretiger. As he reaches puberty, he eagerly awaits his First Shift and finding out just what is his animal form. What powerful animal will complete him?  Much to his disappointment, after going through the agony of his First Shift, Rafe discovers that he is not a wolf, tiger, or bear. He is not even a coyote or raptor, forms considered perhaps less prestigious in the tribe, but still acceptable. No, Rafe is a wererat, the only wererat in anyone’s memory. Events work out to drive Rafe away from the tribe, to live out in the world at large. When he finally comes back for a visit, the tribe comes under attack from a group dedicated to eradicate all shifters from the face of the earth. The question is whether there is anything Rafe can do to help his tribe survive. Does he have value in a tribe of powerful shifters, or is exile the proper place for a genetic regression such as him?

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venus   Venus:  A Paleolithic Short Story

When an ancient female figurine is unearthed by a construction crew in Langerich, Germany, the scientific world excitedly delves into her secrets, trying to see what she can tell them about life in the Upper Paleolithic. 

This is a (very) short story about a Paleolithic Venus and modern paleontology. 

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exercise   Exercise for a Longer Life

No Pain Means No . . . Pain and Yet a Longer Life? 

An overwhelming body of science has changed the way we think about exercise and health. The key to a longer life is exercise, but exercise in moderation. Moderate resistance training can increase a man's lifespan by an average of seven years, and moderate cardio can increase it by close to six years. While a sedentary lifestyle shortens both life spans and quality of life, extreme training can actually shorten lifespan as well, especially for endurance athletes. It is not just lifespan that improves with moderate exercise. Overall health, sex, and mental functions all benefit with the proper exercise regimen. 

This guide targets the over-40 man who wants to get back into shape. Luckily, even those in the 80's and 90's can see positive results from exercise, particularly resistance training, so it is never too late. However, as we age, we are more susceptible to injury, so care must be taken to design an exercise regimen that maximizes benefits and minimizes wear and tear and injury. 

While the science may be of interest to everyone, this book was not written for the gym rat or long-distance runner in mind. The science also pertains to women, but this book does not examine the specific differences that women need to understand before starting their own program of fitness. 

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